A word from Alexandra, one of our founders, about PAUS. and the benefits of outdoor bathing:

While your body regenerates and detoxifies immersed in hot water, you are also exposed to daylight, your lungs are filled with fresh, clean air and wherever you set your eyes, you see green spaces. This was our natural environment during millions of years of our evolution. It is only in recent decades that we have disconnected from it all, spending most of our time inside of heated or air-conditioned spaces with artificial lights.

The consequences of our new lifestyles are all around us. PAUS. cannot solve them all but the more time you spend outdoors, the more you pause and the less significant they become for your wellbeing.

There is no doubt you already know how good it feels walking in a woodland or a park. The difference with PAUS. is that the hot water helps you to stay longer and there is no dependency on good weather. In fact, the more miserable the weather, the greater the effects are; the stronger the feeling of self-satisfaction, even hours after you leave.

The temperature of the water in the hot tubs is kept slightly above the natural human body temperature, making it easier, and indeed pleasurable, to emerge out of the water and cool down by walking barefoot on the grass, enjoying refreshing breeze.
You can even step under the cold outdoor shower or plunge into the cool pool!

The bravery of jumping to the cool pool has a fantastic effect on the comradeship among all the guests, even those who don’t brave the icy plunge.

The guests are encouraged to leave their phones in the lockers so their brains can really switch off for a while, and their eyes can take a break from the ever-glowing screens. This brings another important and quite often neglected opportunity - a chance to talk to other bathers undisrupted, face to face, enjoying an ordinary human interaction.

Despite not knowing each other prior to visiting PAUS., you will see guests become friends, staying long after the session sitting on fireside deckchairs, continuing with their discussions. Of course, such a simple yet extraordinarily low-tech experience combined with a strict absence of  flashy gimmicks isn’t for everyone. PAUS. attracts like minded people who respect similar values and views.

And of course there are the smiles. You smile when you realise that humble looking cubicle you must use prior to bathing is actually a very strong, hot and possibly better-than-at-home shower.