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A breathing / bathing space in Cambridgeshire

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Welcome to PAUS.

a breathing space set in the Cambridgeshire countryside inspired by the Scandinavian philosophy of balance. A space for relaxing in wood fired, red cedar hot tubs and authentic barrel sauna. A space for stretching your mind and body with creative and fun workshops and for snacking with friends on fireside deckchairs.

Immerse yourself, listen to the sound of the crackling fire and relax because in a world that’s always switched on, it’s never been more important to PAUS.

Curated by Bathing under the SkyLtd. "the company behind the festival wellness revolution." 

Bathing under the Sky was set up in 2010 as a way of providing festival goers with something healthy and relaxing to do between gigs.

PAUS is our first permanent outdoor space and is open on Saturdays & Sundays and on selected week days all year round. 



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